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The Light Box

Is your artwork print worthy?

👤 🕔 February 19, 2014

OTB print example

So you have spent time and effort designing your own artwork, you sent it off to be printed and the printers inform you that your artwork is not print worthy, annoying right? If you send your artwork to be printed there are a few steps you may want to consider before you start with your design process.

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Another Satisfied Customer

👤 🕔 February 19, 2014

Addicted 2 Fitness

OTB has been involved in Addicted 2 Fitness’  journey from the very beginning. We brought our  professionalism, experience and know how to the table to build a brand that would stand out against other competitors; giving Andrea a strong foundation to push Addicted 2 Fitness to wherever she would like here brand to go.

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Design of the Month: Feb, Spring is Coming

👤 🕔 February 7, 2014

otb flyer of the month

Design Concept: Spring, Fresh, Colourful, Clean, Bright

Working in Iterations Is the way forward!

👤 🕔 January 22, 2014

If you have read some of the previous posts in the Light Box you will see a familiar pattern within them. Breaking large projects down, working on small parts of the bigger problem, developing an idea and a project over time. This truly is the best way to  work and as the case my be, live.

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Ways to make better use of a Holding Page : Death to the under construction page

👤 🕔 December 20, 2013

I am a firm believer of working in iterations, releases, milestones what ever you want to call them. It has proven very useful to get stuff out there and then continually build on it . For small companies I happen to think it is essential.

under construction

“Time waits for no man (or women as the case my be)”

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Get Branded!

👤 🕔 September 11, 2013


So you had an idea, you have thought it through and perfected to the best of your ability, the next step is to create a brand.  Whether you have greatest product or service in the world if you don’t  “brand”  that product it is likely not to exceed as well as you would have liked.

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