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Developing the Brand Addicted 2 Fitness

Addicted 2 Fitness

Andrea always had a  passion for fitness.  After deciding to follow her dream, of teaching a workout class and knowing that classes such as these take a while to gather momentum, she contacted OTB to help kick start her business. She contacted OTB to design a logo for her new business venture ‘Addicted 2 Fitness’.  In our consultation we advised her that the best way to succeed was to become branded. We then took her through a marketing process to see how this could be done on her budget. This project was slightly different, due to the fact that a weekly class had already started. This in some cases work out better for small businesses. This way Andrea was able to start working on her brand as a whole.

  1. Developing the Addicted 2 Fitness product (the quality of the classes)
  2. Developing the brand image
  3. While we developed the brand awareness

This approach can be very effective, and if done right can help you reach your goal quicker instead of doing one thing after the other.


Andrea already had an idea as to what her business was to be named and came up with an idea of what kind of logo she was looking for and she also knew what colours she wanted to use. In our consultations we always encourage our clients to sketch their ideas (however basic/rough), so we can get a feel of what direction to head in. We have found that this always improves the end result. Using the sketch provided we came up with a few design concepts. We then went through a quick elimination process, where Andrea told us what she liked and didn’t like. This way we always receive feedback from the client and ensure they are kept in the design process, so at the end of the work we are both happy with the outcome. We also believe this can save time.

addicted-fitness-logo-sketchAddicted 2 Fitness Logo

Sketch Provided by Andrea and finished product produced by OTB



Once the logo was finalised, the next step is to create Brand awareness . Having a logo from the outset and being able to use it on the very first piece of marketing material is the best way to start building a brand. Using the new logo we went onto create a promotional leaflet for Andrea’s class. The concept of the flyer was to show real people of all shapes and sizes taking part in the class. Another tip we give to all our clients is to invest in their business by having a professional photo shoot done on all products/services. With anything in the Print and Digital world, imagery is key. With strong, quality hi-res images, your ad or website will look 20 times better. Using the images that were taken at the Addicted 2 Fitness photo shoot we were able to produce an A5 leaflet promoting the class. Along with the flyer we designed a Facebook cover and a web copy of the flyer so Andrea could promote the classes via social media. Since the classes started in mid 2013 the addicted 2 fitness class has moved to a more prestigious gym where she has increased the amount of classes that she teaches a week from 1 to 3.  A few months after, Andrea requested another promotional leaflet promote these classes.


The 1st and 2nd promotional leaflets designed using the Logo as inspiration



The job was not finished there was more work to be done. It is clear that her classes were greatly received and the professional approach she has taken by investing in her business from the outset has clearly paid off. Now she has as solid foundation to build upon. Andrea was interested in a website and asked for our advise on the matter. Without a doubt a website if done correctly will strengthen this foundation to the nth degree. The natural next step was to move Addicted 2 Fitness online and create an informative website using and expanding upon the materials we have used previously. Now Andrea has the opportunity to take Addicted 2 Fitness in almost any logical direction she chooses.


Screenshot of the Addicted 2 Fitness homepage carrying on the theme throughout the logo and promotional leaflets




The Marketing and Brand Development strategy, has really paid off for Addicted 2 Fitness. Within months of starting the process, her class quickly moved to a well know gym chain. And the Addicted 2 Fitness class tripled and we are pleased to say that Andrea is well on the way to success. The cohesion of Andrea’s passion and determination with OTB’s professionalism and know-how, really worked well to produce outstanding and quantifiable results.