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Good Imagery : It’s more than half the battle to having a good looking website

👤 🕔 March 6, 2014

Source: bajanrevellers.co.uk

I guess what I am trying to get across is that it is not enough to just put up pictures on your website. Even if they are taken with a good quality camera.

In the past we (OTB) have done work for clients, who took pictures with a hi-res camera and to be honest we couldn’t use 50% – 65% of the images.

Another client had a decent photo shoot however some of the shots that were taken did not have the right feel. The images were not artistic enough, however it was much easier to get to where we wanted to, than the first client that is refereed to in this post.

Common Mistake

When you are looking around at sites you like, what will influence your opinion most, is the imagery used. A common mistake people make when finding sites they like is not to consider what their own images would look like instead of the images that are on the site they are looking at.

Get The Right Images

“Then how do you get the right images”? I hear you ask.

Whilst looking at websites you like, try to be objective and work out why you like the site. If it is indeed the imagery that has caught your eye, then work out why that is. This will then help you understand the look and feel that you want. Then ask yourself does this look and feel match the product you trying to sell. Think about your clientele, will they understand the look and feel that you want?

Once you have gone through this process there are two things you can do with your findings.

Stock Photos

You can go to stock photo sites (the easiest and quickest source) for high quality images, remember to use what you have discovered, try to find images that will suit the context of your site.

It is important not to get to “stock photo happy” and end up with a manufactured looking site.

Photo Shoot

The best option is to get a photo shoot done. Using what you have discovered as a starting point to show your photographer what you desire, then they can advise you on the best way to go about achieving your prefered look.