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👤 🕔 September 11, 2013


So you had an idea, you have thought it through and perfected to the best of your ability, the next step is to create a brand.  Whether you have greatest product or service in the world if you don’t  “brand”  that product it is likely not to exceed as well as you would have liked.

What is branding

Lots of people always get confused with what branding is. It is not just what you call your product or what the logo looks like… it is the whole package.  What you say your product does, the look and feel of your marketing material; to the colours you use, the text you use on your website, your newsletters, your business cards and the type of language you use to describe that product.  They must all be in unison with each other.

Branding is a reflection of your company, before people get a chance to try your product the first thing they see is the packaging, your message, the design, etc…  The greatest achievement is ensuring that you have the correct package to entice your costumers, as they are ones who get to decide whether they will use your product or not.


Making your Brand stand out!

When brainstorming about your brand the most important thing you have to take into consideration is who is your competition.

You need to do market research on who is offering the same product/service in your town/ country, and how can you stand out. Even if you are offering the same exact product or service if your brand is stronger it would more likely give you the edge.